My name is Greg Slocum and I have a story. This is one of the last photos of my dad. In his late 80's he developed swallowing problems and needed to move into a skilled care facility. While he was there he received physical therapy for a while but they eventually decided that he wasn't making progress so the facility cut back on his physical activities. This is not unusual for most skilled care facilities. This also took place before I was a personal trainer. I tried providing him with some workouts, but I really didn't know what I was doing. I wanted to reach out for help from someone but I didn't know where to turn. Physical Therapists were out of the question and the personal trainers I found didn't want to take on the challenge. My father spent the last few months of his life doing little in the way of exercise. 

I wanted to change this. I got my personal training certificate and started training anyone and everyone but I get the most satisfaction helping older, post physical therapy, and obese clients reach new goals. This type of training takes patience for both the client and the trainer, but I've found that the results are much more fulfilling than training the highest level athlete.

Today, I'm an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. I enjoy training all types and levels of individuals, but I have additional training, experience, and knowledge when working with seniors, post-rehab, and obese clients.

I specialize in training seniors citizens and post-physical therapy clients

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About Me

Personal training, in your home or virtually, for post-physical therapy, fitness training, and senior clients.

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    Strength Training

    Strength training increases independence, combats Osteoapenia and Osteoporosis and promotes a larger range-of-motion.

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    Balance and Agility Training

    Balance and agility training can help "fall proof" older and weaker individuals.

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    Core Conditioning

    Good core strength is a key component of every movement we do, yet is usually neglected.

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What makes Fitness Therapy different from other training companies

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    At-Home Training both one-on-one or Virtually on your phone, computer or tablet.

    No need to travel to us, we bring everything to you and for virtual training we work with what you already own in your hom.  Make the most of your time and schedule sessions at your convenience.

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    Individualized Programing

    Every client gets their own specific workout based on their needs and goals. There is no "one size fits all."

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    Experience with Pre/Post Physical Therapy Clients

    I've got experience working in physical therapy environments. I can pick up where physical therapy leaves off, making you get back to your old self.

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